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1 Payment and online articles
1.1 What happen if I buy a product that is Backorder?

In the case one of our products is backorder and you want to purchase it, we will give you to opportunity to do so most of the time. Your order will be made and wait until we restock the missing product to be send to you. Normally backorder order are fullfilled between 2 to 4 weeks.

1.2 What payment methods are accepted on your website?

We accept payment from Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

1.3 When should I expect to receive my order if I buy something in pre-order?

All orders made with a product containing the tag PRE-ORDER will be shipped one business day after the release of said product. If an order contains multiple products, all of them will be send on the same date as the one with the PRE-ORDER tag.

2 Shipping
2.1 What is the total shipping and handling cost ?

Shipping and handling cost is fixed to a price of 12.99$ CAD for all orders from Canada and United States. The shipping will be free for a purchase of a value greater than 199$ CAD (before taxes) to be shipped in Canada and 250$ CAD (before taxes) to be shipped in United States.

2.2 What is the delay for my order to be delivered?

We mostly ship our customer’s orders one business day after they are paid. As for the delay for the shipment to be delivered, it would depend on your localization. Our shipping service generally take one week to deliver our packages in Canada. It can take up to two weeks when it is in the USA.

2.3 Which company do you use for your shipment?

We currently deal with Canada Post for all our deliveries.

2.4 From which country can I order from your webstore?

Our current list of country in which you can purchase from us is this one:

North America : Canada, United States

2.5 Can I collect my order at your store rather than shipping it?

Of course! You only need to select the option during your checkout. But please, if you live far far away from our store, avoid the option (or do it if you want to plan yourself a trip in our city!)

2.6 Can I order a Games Workshop product from your store if I am not in Canada?

Unfortunately, not. We are respecting Games Workshop policies and will not ship their products outside of Canada. Even if you find a way to order it, we will be forced to cancel it and refund you, sorry!

2.7 How can I be eligible to a free shipping for my order?

All shipping for a purchase of a value greater than 199$ CAD (before taxes) to be shipped in Canada would be free in our webstore. A supplement may apply for the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. All shipping for a purchase of a value greater than 250$ CAD (before taxes) to be shipped in United States would be also free in our webstore.

3 Store related questions
3.1 I am looking for an item, but it does not seem to be on your website, can you do something about it?

Feel free to contact us about the missing product you might want to see on our webstore! Some of our products are not listed on the website. They might be in our store and on the wait to be added on the webstore, or they can be purchased from our distributors.

3.2 I saw an incoming game/product and I would be interested to pre-order it from you, is it possible?

If a product is announced and you might want to get it from our store, it is possible to contact us and we will see if it is possible to add it on our range of pre-orders.

3.3 What is your business hours for your shop?

Because of pandemic situation, our temporary opening hours for the store are :

Monday : 10H-18H (21H Playroom)

Tuesday : 10H-18H

Wednesday : 10H-19H (22H Playroom)

Thursday : 10H-20H (22H Playroom)

Friday : 10H-20H (22H Playroom)

Saturday : 10H-17H

Sunday : 10H-17H


And, of course, our webstore is open all days, 24/24 (in case you were wondering)!

4 Returns
4.1 There’s a broken piece/missing piece in my product, what should I do?

For any missing parts from a product bought in our store, or a broken one, we invite you to contact the manufacturer directly. If you are unable to find how to do it, or if you want to contact us, we would be happy to help you in such case. You can send us an email explaining the situation, with a picture of the product, the receipt and inform us on what is missing/broken.

5 Selling products to the store
5.1 If I want to sell used product to you, what are you interested in and how it is done?

We are looking to buy used Games Workshop products. To see how such deal works, we invite you to contact us (you can see how in the Contact Us section of our webstore) and we will discuss with you on our terms and how we proceed!  You can to visit this page https://www.kingdomtitans.ca/us/service/we-want-your-army/

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